BC. Extends Opening Hours of Liquor Stores to Help Seniors Track Social Disturbance


Liquor stores in British Columbia are now allowed to stay open longer to provide more opportunities for physical removal as part of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The government suggests that the first hours could be used for the elderly in private liquor stores, but it is at their discretion.

Government liquor stores will not provide seniors hours.

The new policies are in effect until July 15. Liquor retailers are not required to change their hours if they have been reduced previously.

Liquor stores across British Columbia see record sales during the coronavirus pandemic

“These time-limited measures should give seniors and immunocompromised populations the opportunity to buy alcohol during the first hours of shopping already provided by other retailers, such as grocery stores,” said a statement.

The temporary rules allow delivery services to purchase alcohol products on behalf of a customer at a liquor store, or any licensee authorized to sell in unopened containers, and to deliver and sell that drink for those same hours.

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BC. responsible for crackdowns on panic purchases at local liquor stores

BC. responsible for crackdowns on panic purchases at local liquor stores

The changes come as BC liquor producers launch a local buying campaign called Time to Buy British Columbia!

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The initiative represents the liquor industry, but could expand to other companies that locate their operations, management jobs and jobs in British Columbia.

“As alcohol producers, we employ thousands of British Columbians and are now facing layoffs or, in some cases, closures,” said Ken Beattie, Executive Director of British Columbia. Craft Brewers Guild.

Why liquor stores are an essential service amid the coronavirus pandemic

“When B.C. emerges from the pandemic, British Columbians will want to resume a normal life, and we will want to rehire them and rebuild business. “

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