BC Center of Disease Control identified numerous thefts with COVID-19 cases – Kelowna News


The BC Center of Disease Control (BCCDC) has published a Public exhibitions report which lists information on flights carrying passengers infected with the COVID-19 virus. Several flights from Okanagan and Kamloops airports were affected.

According to the report, several domestic flights from Vancouver to Kelowna were affected.

  • Air Canada 8420, March 9, lines 2-6
  • WestJet 3326, March 10, all seats
  • Air Canada Jazz 8416, March 10, rows 12-18
  • WestJet 3324, March 21
  • Air Canada 8420, March 21

Central Mountain Air also reported cases of coronavirus on two of their flights between Kelowna and Prince George.

  • Central Mountain Air 9M728, March 12 – Prince George to Kelowna
  • Central Mountain Air 9M725, March 15 – Kelowna to Prince George

Two inbound flights from Calgary were affected – one to Penticton and the other to Kamloops.

  • WestJet 3281, March 17 – Calgary to Penticton
  • WestJet 3241, March 21 – Calgary to Kamloops

The BCCDC also said the province will no longer directly contact domestic passengers who were seated near a confirmed case during a flight. The information will rather be available on their site.

Passengers in “affected seats” who may have been exposed to COVID-19 should self isolate and watch for symptoms for 14 days after the flight.

“The other passengers are not required to isolate themselves, but must watch for symptoms on their own for 14 days after the flight. For flights with unspecified “assigned seats”, we recommend that passengers self-isolate and monitor symptoms for 14 days after the flight, “said the BCCDC website.


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