Batman director reveals how much of Robert Pattinson’s film was filmed


Filmmaker Matt Reeves said The Batman was about 25 percent off its scheduled production schedule when it had to close due to the coronavirus pandemic, but is using it this time to review the footage they have touring and tweaking the tone of the DC film. “We’re not officially going up right now,” Reeves told Deadline, “We actually shot a quarter of the film and I scanned the newspapers, watching the takes, and what’s to come.” . Reeves said that, given the complexity and enormous production like The Batman, there is never enough time to prepare them as a director would like. Now he has time to adapt and plan ahead based on what he sees in the newspapers.“I would say the changes really have to do with” Oh, see the tone of this “with those scenes that we haven’t done that connect to this part of the story. It looks like there might be an opportunity to explore some of that unexpected tone that we found, “said Reeves. “It also gives me a moment to think about the more important sequences that have yet to arrive and how I want to achieve them. “

These tone adjustments will not require any script changes, which Reeves said took him two years to write. He calls the script “a very specific dark mystery that was really thought of by me and my partners. “

In a separate interview with IndieWire, Reeves once again reaffirmed that his film takes place at the beginning of Batman’s career but that he “wanted to make not a tale of origin, but a tale which would always recognize its origins, in that he trained who he is. ”

The Batman: How Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit Draws From the Past

“Like this guy, he’s having a lot of trouble, and that’s how he tries to get past this fight. But that doesn’t mean he even understands it perfectly, “said Reeves. Are not aware. “

Reeves said that his story for The Batman had “a humanistic bias” which “feels very psychological, very emotional”. The filmmaker said The Batman would explore all of this with corruption rampant in Gotham City. “It seems very current. I think it still is, “said Reeves. “There is almost no time when you cannot make a story about corruption. But today it still sounds incredibly resonant and maybe, from my point of view, maybe more than maybe at another time. “

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