Baskin says she has received death threats since the release of “Tiger King”


Animal rights activist Carole Baskin is furious with documentary filmmakers Tiger King because she has become the target of death threats as a result of her portrayal in the hit series Netflix.

The true crime saga, titled Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, focuses on Joe Exotic, the owner of the incarcerated Oklahoma zoo, and his plot to kill his bitter rival Baskin, who runs a large cat rescue center in the state, but it also sheds light on the 1997 disappearance of her second husband, multimillionaire Jack “Don” Lewis.

No one has ever been charged with his murder, but he was declared legally dead in 2002.

Baskin, based in Florida, says the finished series is not what she originally signed up for, because all she ever wanted to highlight was animal abuse in the captive tiger trade, and at instead, she feels fooled into appearing on the screen.

In his first interview since Tiger King made his Netflix debut on March 20, Baskin told the Tampa Bay Times: “I feel so angry that people have totally missed the subject. And the fact is that these cubs are mistreated and exploited and that the public allows it. “

Her third husband, Howard Baskin, adds, “There is almost no way to describe the intensity of the feeling of betrayal (sic). “

Carole says the show turned her into a figure of public hatred, subjected to harassment and even death threats, making her too afraid to leave her house or answer her cell phone, through which she answered emergency service calls to assist injured big cats.

“I had to turn off my phone,” said the 58-year-old woman. “I can’t tell the real (calls) from the fake because they are always out of the numbers anyway. “

In Tiger King, Exotic accuses Carole of killing Lewis and feeding him to his tigers, allegations which she firmly denies, and although she is not considered suspect in the death of her ex, the local police reopened the cold file in the hope that fans of the show will provide them with new leads.

Baskins’ interview emerges as fans sink their teeth into a new bonus episode of Tiger King, in which actor and television personality Joel McHale interviews people who appeared in the docuseries.

The Tiger King and I came out on Sunday and have discussions with John Finlay, Erik Cowie and Kelci ‘Saff’ Saffery.


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