Baseball in South Korea could resume in early May


With the fall of new cases of coronavirus in South Korea, the country’s baseball league aims to restart in early May with teams ready to play exhibition games on April 21.

The country recorded 53 new infections on Wednesday, the third day in a row that has seen new cases around the 50 mark. Downtrend from a high of 900 on February 29 increases the chances of the Korean League 10-team baseball organization (KBO), not only starting in May but playing a full season of 144 games.

“If the situation continues to improve from here, the teams will start to compete in the preparatory games from April 21, and we should be able to start the regular season in early May,” said the secretary general of the KBO, Ryu Dae-hwan. after a meeting with the club’s managing directors, in comments reported by the South Korean news agency Yonhap.

“Obviously, these scenarios will only be achievable if we have considerably fewer confirmed cases in the coming days. “

The league was scheduled to start the regular season on March 28.

“The recent downward trend has obviously had an impact on our discussions,” said Ryu, quoted by Yonhap. “As long as we can start the season in early May, we can finish everything by the end of November. “

On Saturday, the government extended its social distancing campaign, which includes closing schools, by two weeks until April 19, and baseball is ready to wait and see what happens for as long as it takes.

“If we see an increase in the number of cases a few days before April 21, we will postpone the preseason,” said Ryu. “We can even make this call on the eve of the first games. “


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