BAME groups hit harder by Covid-19 than whites, British study | News from the world


Early research on the first critically ill patients with Covid-19 in UK hospitals indicates that blacks and Asians are more likely to be severely affected by coronavirus than whites.

The National Center for Critical Care Research and Audit found that 35% of the nearly 2,000 patients were not white, nearly triple the proportion of 13% in the UK population as a whole.

According to the study, fourteen percent of those with the most severe cases were of Asian descent and the same proportion was black, which sparked calls for further research to understand why the virus appears to have a disproportionate impact on non-white ethnic groups.

This study is considered the first such analysis in the world to examine the ethnic distribution of virus cases. On Tuesday, the confirmed number of deaths in NHS services among people with confirmed cases of the virus rose to 6,159 people, and others died at home, in hospices and in care facilities, but must still be counted.

The study looked at admissions to a sample of 286 intensive care units in England, Wales and Northern Ireland with Covid-19 confirmed until noon on April 3. It also showed that the median age of people in critical condition of all ethnicities was 61 and that almost three-quarters were men.

Confirmed cases in the UK


Deaths in the UK


Data from Public Health England at 9:40 a.m.BST on April 7, 2020. Last PHE update at 9:40 am BST on April 7, 2020


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