Bad Bunny quietly abandons the quarantine PSA “En Casita” Ft. His girlfriend


Write down what you know, they said, and what Bad Bunny knows right now, like many of us, is to take shelter. Going around this morning is a new song, “En Casita”, with a special guest: his girlfriend, Gabriela Berlingeri.

To our knowledge, the two are still in quarantine together. Why not, without announcement or pre-hyping or fanfare, start a duo via Soundcloud?

The synths resemble an 8-bit style walk in front of Bad Bunny’s self-isolation lament: “Yo que te quería ver, pero no se va a poder. Toca quedarme en casa, casa. “

Puerto Rico has been quarantined for weeks now, and on March 31, Governor Wanda Vazquez stepped up the regulations: the curfew now begins at 7 p.m. (two hours earlier than previously planned), drivers are assigned three days a week on the road based on their license plate numbers, and on Sundays, no one is supposed to go anywhere, and supermarkets must close for the day.

This is expected to last until April 12. But given that the number of COVID-19 cases has risen to 378 – and 15 of those have died – Puerto Ricans could face an even longer quarantine period.

“En Casita” is a very common piece of consciousness; a slice of Benito’s daily life right now. At 9 a.m., his publicist already called. He gets up late in video games. Lack of milk evokes the fear of dying and the desire to adhere to the laws. “Pero estar metido aquí esta cabrón,” he adds.

The cancellation of her concert dates in May in Puerto Rico, announced today, is also mentioned.

“Quiero que el virus vaya como Rosselló”, sings Sad Bunny.

It refers to the former governor of Puerto Rico who resigned last August after mass protests, which he helped lead. If only Benito could also rid the world of the virus.


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