Backstage news about what wrestlers were saying on WWE WrestleMania recordings


Going into the WWE WrestleMania recordings, many people in the business thought that recording the biggest show of the year at the Performance Center was not a good idea and many hoped that Vince McMahon would delay the show.

However, once everyone arrived for the tapes, the feeling among the wrestlers changed and it was clear last night that everyone was doing their best. Wade Keller noted in his recap of WrestleMania that wrestlers do not treat WrestleMania recordings as a show in Saudi Arabia.

Keller said: “According to a number of wrestlers who were on the tapes, I have heard that it is not like a Saudi Arabian. [feeling of] “Let’s get through this. The wrestlers’ attitude was, “Everyone really wanted to work hard and try to make it work. »»

Keller noted that there was no resentment towards WWE among the wrestlers he spoke with and the feeling was that everyone wanted to do their best to save the show.

Keller continued, “It was seen as a night when the wrestlers were saying, ‘We are here, we are not here in protest or resentment or we do not see it as [not] important. “I was told that the attitude of the crew was to” let people surprise. “It was the attempt and I think it is clear that they were trying to work hard and save it under the difficult circumstances. “

You can expect the same for the show tonight. In addition to a night of games at the Performance Center, you can expect some weird stuff during the FireFly Fun House game that should get fans talking. Click here to learn more about this story.

If you are using some of the citations from this article, please credit PWTorch’s Wade Keller with an h / t at for transcription.


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