Babyface and Teddy Riley’s Instagram battle was a complete failure


Problems with the audio, especially at the end of Riley, interrupted the confrontation between the two legendary producers who drew more than 400,000 viewers. It seemed that Riley was prepared for a concert, unlike Babyface who was sitting in a studio.

It may have been Riley’s downfall because all of the viewers heard the reading and the echoes every time it was her turn to play a song. The comments were riddled with jokes about the age of the two producers – Babyface at 62 and Riley at 53 – and their inability to use Instagram.

Comedian Lil Duval posted on his Instagram, saying that Riley should just use her iPhone to record rather than trying to organize a concert.

Radio host Charlamagne tha God pulled out a few jokes, posting a meme of two old men to a computer saying it was Riley and his team in the studio.

Comedian Kevin Fredericks released a parody of Riley’s performance, focusing on reading and how Riley may have prepared a dance routine.

The battle was to begin at 9 p.m., but at 10 p.m. it was obvious that the audio needed to be fixed, so they stopped and told the viewers to come back at 10:30 p.m.

But moments after 10:30 p.m., Babyface suggested that it would be best to postpone the battle.

“Tonight was really special … it’s just that we postpone this thing and do it at a time when there are no technical difficulties and everyone can hear the music the way it should be heard “Said Babyface on Instagram. video.

Babyface announced the battle last week on its birthday.


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