Aston Villa would be relegated if the Premier League follows an “odious” precedent


Aston Villa would be relegated if the Premier League follows the precedent set by Scottish football to cancel the season.

Villa has been out of service for a month due to the coronavirus pandemic, all devices having been postponed indefinitely.

There is growing uncertainty about how to end the campaign – or whether it will be finished at all – while the virus continues to spread across the UK.

In Belgium the season has already been canceled, Club Brugge to be crowned Pro League champion and rugby in England under the Premiership was canceled earlier this month using a “best game record formula” to decide final tables.

Now the Scottish Professional Football League is about to drop the season with promotion and relegation in place.

The Guardian reports: “A meeting between the league board and the clubs on Wednesday resulted in the recommendation of a resolution for a vote in each of the four divisions on whether to end their season in the state, with places allocated on average by base points of play.

“Nine of the 12 Premiership clubs are expected to vote in favor, and the SPFL, after having gathered opinions, would be fully confident of its adoption. The votes will be collected before the start of next week. “

Hearts will be relegated if the motion is passed after April 23 – the earliest date on which UEFA will accept the abandonment of the main divisions – with Celtic crowned champion.

There is only one automatic relegation spot in the 12-team Scottish Premiership for the team ending at the bottom of the table while the other is decided in a single match between 11th place and the winners of the Championship play-off.

Applying the same resolution to the Premier League, where three clubs automatically disappear, would see Norwich City (0.72 points per game) and Villa (0.89 points per game) relegated. The third relegation would be problematic because Bournmeouth, Watford and West Ham United are tied after taking 0.93 per game.

Hearts has threatened legal action if they are relegated without the remaining games being played while the Rangers criticized the plan.

In a statement, the Rangers said: “It is odious that some clubs could be unjustly relegated if the current SPFL proposals were implemented.

“The consequences of forcing change without due care and attention will have serious consequences for Scottish play. “


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