Asda, Iceland, Tesco and Waitrose – new way to secure delivery slots


Trying to secure an online delivery niche from your local supermarket has become a real difficulty during foreclosure.

Virtual queues have competed with these outdoor stores as buyers fight to get essential items.

But a nifty new website is trying to remove the hassle of shopping from the comfort of your couch.

By entering your postal code on Shopping Slot, you can find out which delivery slots are available at the nearest Asda, Iceland, Tesco and Waitrose stores.

Jason Moore

It is hoped that the website – designed by 22-year-old Jason Moore – will help millions of vulnerable and elderly consumers currently find impossible online shopping, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Using the search tool is free, but if no slots are available, people can upgrade to receive an email as soon as there is availability.

“I spent hours online trying to book seats,” said Jason. “So I designed a website that automated the process.

“Initially it was for my family and friends, but I thought it would benefit the nationally for the elderly, vulnerable and isolated. “

Sabrina Stocker, a former candidate for The Apprentice, who helped Jason start his business, said, “My grandparents couldn’t leave the house and my family was isolated so we couldn’t deliver to her grocery store this week.

“Thanks to Shopping Slot, I was able to reserve a next day delivery slot for Iceland and I am very grateful to him.

“I want Shopping Slot to become a national brand to help others in need. “


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