As health workers get sick, doctors and nurses call for public support


(WXYZ) – This is an invisible threat that health workers are taking to save lives, but now some of them are also victims. Metro Detroit hospitals say thousands of healthcare workers are now experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

7 Action News contacted the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. He says that right now he is not tracking the number of health workers affected by the virus, so we do not have a total number.

Some hospitals share what they see. Beaumont Health says about 1,500 healthcare workers have symptoms of COVID-19. At Henry Ford Hospital, approximately 700 healthcare workers have symptoms of COVID-19. Michigan Medicine says Monday, 728 of its employees were tested for COVID-19, and 110 of them were positive.

“I have a twelve-year-old daughter and a nine-year-old son,” said Dr. Harrison Tong.

The title of dad is a stressful title during a pandemic, especially when you also have the title of emergency manager at McLaren Oakland. He says he doesn’t bring his work clothes into the house and showers before spending time with his family after work. He doesn’t want to make someone else sick.

He also sees the difficulties hospitals face when trying to get personal protective equipment for workers right now.

“Without the help of the public, we just don’t have the workforce and the nurses, the beds, and the equipment to care for everyone,” said Dr. Tong.

He also knows that if he gets sick it could be relatively worse because of his job.

“There are studies I have read that have found that healthcare workers tend to get a little worse, due to the viral load in the department or on the floor,” he said. .

Michigan Nurses Association President Jamie Brown, who is also an intensive care nurse, says she is angry that there is no more personal protective equipment. She says there will be a long-term impact on the health system.

“If the nurses die and the hospitals don’t protect us, who will want to enter a nursing school without any guarantees for your safety,” said Brown.

Nurse Brown has not seen her children in person for two weeks. She sent them to their grandparents for their own protection. She says she is sacrificing herself to stop this virus and asks you too.

“We want everyone to stay safe, so stay home and try not to go out if you don’t have to,” she said.

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