Arsenal’s pay cut saga is the latest example of Mikel Arteta’s top leadership – John Cross


Mikel Arteta could never have imagined his first four months as a manager launching so many challenges.

But in no time, the Arsenal boss turned out to be a strong leader and someone destined for a great future.

Arteta’s final challenge was the club’s salary cuts, a delicate and delicate situation for any manager to get involved in negotiations.

But from a position where the team was divided, Arteta managed to bring them together and instill a sense of unity. Getting 24 players out of a group of 27 to sign up is quite an achievement.

His passion, strength and convincing tone were a hallmark of his videoconference calls and that changed the mood of the entire team.

Arteta miraculously managed to get all but three of his players to accept a 12.5% ​​pay cut

Last week, they were divided on whether to accept a 12.5% ​​reduction. Now, apart from Mesut Ozil and two others, they have all registered.

There is always hope at the club, the three will change their minds and plan to keep talking.

But Arteta has needed all of her mental strength to cope with everything that has been thrown at her since taking office in December.

His first home game focused on questions regarding Granit Xhaka’s departure from the club, as the Swiss midfielder seemed certain that he would not have fallen out of favor with supporters during the disastrous reign of Unai Emery.

It was the first sign of Arteta’s intelligent management of man, bringing Xhaka on board and slowly the fans took it back.

Arteta has greatly improved Arsenal as a team and, ironically, at the heart of this is Ozil, who has been sidelined and sidelined under the leadership of Emery.

Arteta proves he is the right person for the Arsenal position

Suddenly, Ozil was reinstated in the team, Arteta spoke to him, built the side around him and made the most of a player who, when he sings, is a true world-class talent.

Arteta has also managed to make the most of players like Bukayo Saka and Mustafi. Even the record holder of 72 million pounds sterling, Nicolas Pepe, begins to show his true talent.

It’s a tribute to Arteta’s coaching ability because he’s intense on and off the pitch. He has to listen. He is often short and pointed – but always makes his point.

Arteta was the first high-profile Premier League figure to test positive for the Covid-19. When Arsenal announced that its manager had the virus last month, it was the catalyst for the entire Premier League to lock out.

The weekend games have been postponed, everything has changed and football will never be the same again.

But it was in this strange and surreal period that Arteta really shone as a leader.

Arteta participated in a conference call with 500 staff members a few weeks ago, speaking to everyone and making them feel part of it.

It was clever management of a man who did one of his first tasks after taking over to go to the club offices in the Emirates and speak to each member of staff. A human touch not felt since the days of Arsène Wenger as a manager.

Arsenal Vinai Venkatesham general manager and football chief Raul Sanllehi were equally impressive on weekly staff calls, but Arteta knew when to play her part.

It’s risky for a manager to get involved in compensation talks. But it was the intervention on the video call last Wednesday, the call starting at 6 pm and which should last half an hour but which is prolonged, which really hammered usability.

Arsenal faces tough and uncertain times like the rest of football, but that’s when people have to step up. Arteta did it as an Arsenal manager.

He was a good captain as a player, he now sets an example as a boss and Arsenal has never been more convinced than throughout this crisis that they have the right man in charge.


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