Arsenal players to reject club’s five-point pay cut


Arsenal players will firmly reject the proposals, which expose them to a 12.5% ​​pay cut.

It comes after the club offered to cut their wages for a year if they don’t qualify for next season’s Champions League.

They sent the five-point plan to Hector Bellerin, the representative of the Arsenal Professional Footballers Association, to circulate it among the entire first team.

Arsenal players would face a 7.5% pay cut if they did not reach the Europa League unless the club feared a huge financial black hole due to the coronavirus crisis.

But if they finish completely outside European places – Arsenal are currently ninth and eight points from the top four – then they won’t get their money back.

Arsenal players to reject pay cut plan

Arsenal have asked players to take this month’s potential reduction until March 2021 after the proposal was sent out over the weekend.

The PFA has told players to reject the pay cuts and insists that Premier League clubs adhere to the 30% carryover proposals approved by the 20 clubs.

Mirror Sport understands that the Arsenal players have decided among themselves to reject the proposals, especially since they will already lose a significant amount if they do not reach the Champions League.

They are ready to discuss the postponements to help the club, but the hierarchy has decided to go ahead with salary cuts before they even know if they will lose money on TV due to the lockout.

  1. A 12.5% ​​pay cut for 12 months from April 2020 to March 2021 (players are paid the last week of each month to start this month)
  2. The total amount is then refunded if Arsenal qualifies for the Champions League
  3. If Arsenal do not qualify for the Champions League, no money is refunded
  4. If Arsenal do not qualify for the Champions League, but qualify for the Europa League, the reduction becomes 7.5%
  5. If the season does not end and / or Arsenal does not receive the full money from the broadcasters, they will ask the players to find an “other solution”

Arsenal contracts are heavily loaded with bonuses, but the club’s fear of missing the Champions League for the fourth consecutive season would have a massive impact in the long term.

Arsenal insists that negotiations are still ongoing, they hope to reach a resolution but other Premier League players have also rejected the potential wage cuts.

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Players from 20 clubs – captains or PFA representatives – took part in a Whats App group chat that already helped set up the PlayersTogether fund for NHS charities.

But they have also insisted among themselves that they will stand firm to resist the cuts and so far, Southampton and West Ham have accepted postponements while Leicester is close to the deal, but have insisted that ‘They wanted to prioritize aid to the NHS.


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