Arsenal and Tottenham could ‘beat Chelsea in Champions League football’ with rule change proposed by UEFA


Arsenal and Tottenham could qualify for the Champions League next season before Chelsea if the Premier League campaign cannot be finished, according to reports.

The governing body of European football, Uefa, continues to discuss options for concluding the league seasons, with “a variety of calendar options” being evaluated.

On Tuesday, the Uefa relaxed its position in the national leagues canceling their seasons after initially threatening a ban on European competition for those who have done so, such as Belgium.

If the Premier League was unable to play the remaining 92 games in the season, the Sun now claims that UEFA could use the coefficient scores to decide who will compete in the Champions League and Europa League next season.

Arsenal (91,000), currently ninth in the Premier League, has the fourth best coefficient in England behind Manchester City (112,000), Liverpool (99,000) and Manchester United (92,000).

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Tottenham (85,000), eighth in the league, fifth and Chelsea (83,000), fourth, sixth. The city of Leicester (22,000), third in the league, is seventh distance. They should be content with the Europa League.

However, if City’s two-year ban on the Champions League were upheld, the Spurs would take the final place in the Champions League.


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