Arizona dairy farmers struggle to sell enough milk, spilling more than 100,000 gallons a day


COVID-19 Now affects an essential staple in grocery stores, as Arizona dairy farmers are spilling milk due to a market downturn.

FOX 10 spoke to a dairy farmer who said about 125,000 gallons of milk are spilled every day.

Video of the dumped milk at a Craig Caballero’s Dairy waste treatment facility in Eloy is a sign of the times. This is something that dairy farmers say is far from normal practice.

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Arizona United Dairymen say 2020 has started with a positive outlook, but panic purchases from grocery stores have pushed stores to limit milk as they have taken longer to restock food.

“One million pounds of milk is currently dumped because we don’t have a home for it,” said Bill Kerr, president of Arizona Milk Producers.

Stores also limit the number of gallons of milk people can buy so that supplies are not short for other customers.

“The grocery stores are also pretty much overwhelmed, I mean everyone’s running on fumes because they’re so overwhelmed trying to keep the shelves stocked,” said Kerr.

COVID-19 slowed down restaurants and hotels while school is out of session. There are fewer destinations for milk, now flowing.

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“You will pass close to two semi-trucks on the road [with] milk… about every seven [the] trucks, one truck in seven was used to go abroad, now our market abroad has disappeared so now we have a whole truck of milk which we do not know what to do and then throw something else there another truck loads on the road that went to our schools so now we have two trucks out of seven that we have nowhere to go… “, explained Kerr.

For this reason, farmers are asking for additional support, hoping that people will buy an extra gallon or two.

“We have so much milk that has nowhere to go, so we throw it down the drain,” he said.

You can also donate to Feeding American Food Banks so less milk is wasted, also known as Great American Milk Drive.


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