Argument Bursts Between Fauci And Trump’s Aid About Coronavirus Drug


A heated debate erupted in the White House Situation Room over the weekend between Dr. Anthony Fauci and another member of President Trump’s coronavirus task force, the exchange becoming so intense that the vice- President Mike Pence and others found themselves trying to calm the country down. Tsar trade, according to a report.

The argument, which Axios said took place on Saturday afternoon, followed when FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn addressed the subject of hydroxychloroquine, the antimalarial drug that Trump believes can help fight the virus.

White House trade advisor Peter Navarro then stood up and distributed reading materials on what he considered “the obvious therapeutic efficacy” of the potential drug COVID-19.

Navarro’s comments, the newspaper said, have led to a heated debate over how the White House should talk about treating malaria, Fauci pointing out that there was only anecdotal evidence that the drug could fight coronavirus.

Fauci’s comment on anecdotal evidence “has just sparked Peter,” a source told Axios.

Navarro pointed to the documents, which allegedly included printouts of hydroxychloroquine studies from around the world, and told Fauci, “This is science, not an anecdote. “

Anthony Fauci
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China’s often-critical trade tsar then began to raise his voice and falsely accuse Fauci of opposing Trump’s travel restrictions against China.

The charge apparently left Fauci confused as he publicly praised the commander-in-chief’s travel ban after his announcement.

As the vice president tried to moderate the argument, a source said, “It was pretty clear that everyone was just trying to get Peter to sit down and stop being so confrontational.”

A Pence spokesperson declined to comment on the dusting of the Post, saying, “We don’t comment on meetings in the situation room. “


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