Apple’s radical new iPhone suddenly takes shape


Why has Apple already launched the The biggest iPhone 12 upgrade? Because we now know that it will not be the most striking change that Apple will make to its new iPhone.

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Thanks to a whirlwind of new leaks, we now know that Apple will make its first major external design changes to this flagship iPhone since the iPhone X in 2017. And those changes have now taken shape, thanks to popular rendering artist Jonas Daehnert (alias @PhoneDesigner).

In the images above and below, Daehnert has made the chassis alternations inspired by the iPad Pro / iPhone 5 that Apple will do with the iPhone 12. A return to these sharper and flatter angles is on the wish list of iPhone fans for years (including those of high level) and in 2020, Apple finally listens. You’ll be able to spot the iPhone 12 remotely, which doesn’t happen often, because Apple has stayed true to the design of the iPhone 6 for four generations and the iPhone X has lasted three.

In addition, Daehnert has beautifully rendered the new rear camera configuration that includes improved triple cameras, similar to the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, with Apple’s fourth place that could be a game-changer. (and now official) LiDAR sensor. This will provide long-distance 3D mapping of the environment around you, which has massive implications for augmented reality applications. The first demos are superb.

My only concern with the Daehnert images? I understand that the reduced notch on the front of the iPhone (inspired by recent leaks from EverythingApplePro) is not correct and Apple will have a notch very similar to what we have seen on the last three generations of iPhone (Daehnert agrees). In short: shrinking Face ID is difficult. In addition, the charging port, which could be mistaken for USB-C, should also be Lightning. This could be a break for some.

That said, what you can’t see on the iPhone 12 in these images is almost as important as what you can see, because internally Apple also sounds the changes. The new Apple A14 chipset will hit the headlines with MacBook Pro quality performance, while the OLED panels will have ProMotion capabilities (maybe as fast as 120 Hz) and there are several new screen sizes. 5G (the full version) is also supported across the range.

As impressive as the iPhone 12 is, it’s just a catch: Apple has another iPhone 2020 which I think will be the the smartest purchase you can make this year.


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