Apple Insider reveals a new surprise version of the iPhone


The first from Apple new iPhone 2020 has arrived and it’s the smartest phone purchase you can do this year. But now we know it will be the only new iPhone arrival in a while.

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In a new exclusive from Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech, a source that was surprisingly specific all year, the Highly disclosed iPhone SE Plus will no longer be released near the new iPhone SE. In fact, although the larger model is found in the leaked iOS 14 code, Apple surprisingly postpones the release to 2021. And the bad news doesn’t stop there.

Prosser Says “Multiple Sources” Pin Biggest SE Model in First Quarter Next Year and Confirm That Despite This, Apple Has No Plans to Upgrade Hardware for the 2020 iPhone SE including the Apple A13 chipset which will be 2.5 years old by then. time. The news also slams the door to optimistic assumptions that Apple will update iPhone SE hardware every year.

These revelations, of course, leave as many questions as answers: if not annually, how often will iPhone SE phones be updated? If the hardware is the same, does that mean that the iPhone SE Plus also misses the two cameras of its predecessor inspired by the iPhone 8 Plus? Is the price of the iPhone SE 2020 falling further to accommodate the iPhone SE Plus in 2021? And more.

In addition to that, sources at Prosser are also shattering hopes that the flagship line of the iPhone 12 will transition to USB-C, come with a smart connector, support the Apple pencil or even reduce the notch. The latter, in particular, is a blow after temporary leaks suggested that it be activated by moving the earpiece into the bezel, but Prosser states that this is only an early prototype and is not currently linked to any new iPhone models.

“Until we see an April CAD rendering, this is when we can act as if things are finalized,” he warns.

Shocking because this deluge of bad news will be for many Apple fans, the new iPhone SE still offers incredible value for money and should be enough for aspiring iPhone SE Plus buyers, while the iPhone 12 still has a lot in store. This includes Apple’s game-changing potential new LiDAR sensor, really amazing performance of the A14 chip, New ProMotion screens, 5G (the full version) and an array of new screen sizes.

2020 will still be a big year for Apple, but not as big as some thought.


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