Anthony Fauci paves the way for the bond – lucrative! – vaccine


Anthony Fauci, the most listened to medical professional of the United States on the coronavirus, and apparently on all the political, economic, cultural and social precautions that every man, woman and child of the nation should take against the coronavirus, has just put in keep this cooler Coronavirus observers have always suspected that this country will never, never never return to normal.

Never, that is to say, suggested Fauci, until a vaccine was developed. And by logical extension, that is to say – never, until a vaccine is developed which must then be included in the list of vaccines required so that all children can go to school.

What good news for Big Pharma.

What good news is that Bill Gates, who has just announced his foundation, will spend billions of dollars to help build factories for seven possible manufacturers of coronavirus vaccines. “Spend” is probably the wrong word here. Investing is more like that.

After all, Gates is above all a businessman. A billionaire businessman who made his billions at Microsoft and who just left his Microsoft billion-dollar business to pursue other business – in particular, to “serve humanity” is what the Economic Times said, in a March headline.

To get a glimpse of how he has already served humanity, just look at the disastrous common top-down education plan that his foundation funded.

From education to vaccinations – the service to humanity never stops.

But this is what Fauci just warned, during a briefing at the White House with journalists: “When we return to normal, we will return to the point where we can function as a society. But … [i]If you want to go back to the pre-coronavirus, it might never happen in the sense that the threat exists. But I believe that with the therapies that will go online, and the fact that I am confident that over a period of time we will get a good vaccine, that we will never have to go back to where we are right now. “

He also said, “If going back to normal means acting like there’s never been a coronavirus problem, I don’t think it will happen until we have a situation where you can fully protect the population. “

That – like the disastrous, gloomy and deadly numbers that sent America into the coronavirus panic in the first place have just been revised down.

“The most influential coronavirus model in the United States has just revised its estimates down,” reported the Washington Post.

This – as Gates, the guy who has been the face of warning on the “nightmare scenario” of the coronavirus epidemic, just said that the expected death toll may not be as high as expected. Yes, viruses are, after all, seasonal.

This – like deaths from the coronavirus are extremely open to interpretation, wildly speculative, extremely unscientific.

“The lack of generalized systematic testing in most countries is the main source of divergence in mortality rates internationally,” the BBC reported.

What do doctors consider a death from coronavirus?

Health officials in the UK are counting the daily death toll of those who tested positive for coronavirus but who may have died from other diseases. In the United States, the discretion of the doctor prevails.

“In the United States,” reported the BBC, “doctors … are asked to record if the patient dies” as a result of this disease “when Covid-19 deaths are reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “

So, some patients may have underlying conditions that lead to death; others do not. Some hospitals may have policies that follow the UK model – to ensure that any patient who dies with the coronavirus is reported to the CDC as having died from the coronavirus; other hospitals may let the doctor decide. It’s a draw, hardly based on facts.

And for all of that, America might never see a return to normal pre-coronavirus?

We focus on fear.

We have to focus on that: the money trail.

The trail of money and power.

The Global Vaccine Action Plan, for example.

“The World Health Organization, UNICEF, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have announced a collaboration to increase coordination within the international vaccine community and create a plan global action for vaccines, ”reported the Gates Foundation in a press release. “This collaboration follows the call made in January 2010 by Bill ad Melinda Gates for the next ten years to be the Decade of Vaccines.”

The “decade of vaccines?”

It’s a structured campaign. It includes a board of directors, a steering committee, an international advisory committee – and other administrative documents, etc. But here’s an interesting link.

The Leadership Council “is made up of … Dr. Anthony S. Fauci,” reported the Gates Foundation.

Fauci, the same guy who has just set the stage for the urgent need for a protective coronavirus vaccine, has a vested interest in seeing this vaccine materialize – materialize widely.

“Vaccines are miracles,” said Pedro Alonso, director of the Barcelona Institute for Global Health, and another actor in the “Decade of Vaccines” program.


And for some, some insiders, vaccines are also great economic and political investments. Especially when they come as saving grace solutions to widespread fears – especially when they come when needed, mandatory protections for the world’s people.

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