Another heavy first receiver round with the quarterback at number 1


In the NFL draft in 2020, a quarterback became No. 1 overall with six receivers off the board in the first round. In this 2021 mock project, a quarterback ranks first in the overall ranking with seven receivers away in the first round.

At the same time last year, Joe Burrow was a fourth round at best, so obviously a lot will change by next April. This bogus project is not a question of precision, but rather serves as a watch list – 32 prospects eligible for the project who are already at the top of the NFL radar.

Important note: The draft order used for this comp is the reverse of the current Super Bowl odds, so focus on the players, not where each team chooses. An asterisk (*) indicates a subclass.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars – * Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson

The Jaguars will give Gardner Minshew the chance to prove he’s the long-term option next season. But if that doesn’t work, Jacksonville will be able to land …


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