Anonymous WWE employee tells local officials they are “forced to work” during the COVID-19 epidemic


An anonymous WWE employee named “John” (presumably for John Doe) made public comments at the meeting of the Council of Commissioners for Orange County, Florida on Tuesday and spoke out against the ongoing recordings of WWE by the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Local reporter Jon Alba noted that a WWE employee named “John” had submitted a public comment saying that he was “forced to work” on the WWE TV tapes, despite orders to stay at home. coronavirus. “John” reportedly said that he was unable to speak and that he would be expelled from WWE if he approached his superiors.

“John” added that despite health precautions at the Performance Center, employees are unable to maintain social distance during WWE television recordings, and must touch others. They have asked the government to close WWE tapes so that everyone can follow the rules of social distancing without fear of losing their jobs, according to the Alba report.

Alba added: “Although there is not really a way to verify that he is 100% a #WWE employee given the nature of the complaint, it should be noted that several people within the company have expressed concern, many privately, the recordings continue. “

Alba also said he contacted AEW last week and asked if they plan to host shows in Florida or not, but they did not respond to his request for comment.

As reported last week, WWE and other sporting events were deemed non-essential businesses during the COVID-19 epidemic, and members of the Orange County Sheriff were called to Performance repeatedly Center to close the TV recordings. Governor Ron DeSantis then issued an amended executive order on April 9, and WWE, along with other sports leagues with a national audience, was later considered to be a vital business and allowed to continue operations.

WWE has been widely reported to have intensified efforts to ensure the safety and health of all employees while working at the Performance Center during the coronavirus pandemic.

There is no word yet on what will happen to an anonymous WWE employee submitting public comments to today’s meeting, but we will keep you posted.

You can see today’s Alba tweets below:


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