Anderson Cooper gave himself a bald spot while trying to cut his hair in quarantine


For most of us, the struggle has been real since the closure of hair salons and barbershops during the coronavirus pandemic.

Many people, including celebrities, have resorted to taking matters into their own hands, literally, by dyeing their hair, letting their beards grow and kissing their gray locks:

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, however, did not go as planned when he attempted to cut his hair in quarantine:

This week, the silver fox revealed its baldness on live TV while talking about how it picked up a razor and “buzzed its head”:

Let’s take a closer look, okay?

“I gave myself a giant baldness,” he said to his guests, who couldn’t stop laughing.

“I thought it was a seven [guard]. It was a five, “said Andy.

“I walk around all day with, like, my hand on my head,” he said.

” Everything is fine. I just have to be seen that way, ”he joked. “Because as soon as [I turn sideways], everything reveals it. ”


Honestly, Anderson has never been easier to tell. (And still hot, btw.)

Thank you for giving us the laugh we all needed during these times, Cooper. Lettuce is praying, it’s almost over and you can get an appropriate cut at your hairdresser ?.

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