An additional “crucial” containment for France


Jean-François Delfraissy, immunologist and president of the national scientific council The Scientific Council, Told news service FranceInfo this morning (Wednesday April 8): “The containment must continue for several weeks from now. “

France began internment at noon on March 17, with measures to remain in effect until April 15 at least. A further extension now seems likely.

More than 10,328 people have died in France from causes related to Covid-19. Since the beginning of March, 7,091 deaths have been recorded in hospitals, in addition to 3,237 in retirement homes.

In the past 24 hours, 607 people have died across the country – the highest number of deaths reported in a day since the start of the epidemic.

Professor Delfraissy said, “Knowing what we know now, we can discuss what will happen after childbirth, but the essential and crucial priority is to maintain strict confinement over a period of weeks.

“There are health markers, social markers and economic aspects. It’s a very difficult mix. Health is a priority but it is not the only thing to take into account. Everything will depend on the level of tolerance of the population. “

Professor Delfraissy said that before delivery is finished, “intensive care services must start to be a little more free, to have more beds [and] so that the pressure of severe forms of the disease decreases. We need stronger measures in the most affected areas. “

He said an end to imprisonment would only be possible once certain protective tools were in place.

These should include other Covid-19 tests, blood tests for antibodies and immunity, and similar “monitoring tools” to see how far the disease has spread in the population, a he declared.

Likewise, he said that “widespread use of masks among the population” would also be necessary.

He said, “Wearing a mask is primarily a way to protect others if you are an asymptomatic carrier of Covid-19. But the reverse – does a mask protect you from others? The data [for that] are much less certain or reliable.

“People think they have some protection when they wear a mask. [But] the goal is to have these normal and unprofessional masks, [but] not to think that you are going to be protected [with a mask alone]. We have to keep other protective measures [as well]. “

The recommendations come as Director General of Health Jérôme Salomon also appeared to reject the idea of ​​ending the delivery on April 15. In its latest update, he said: “Talking about” deconfinement “today makes no sense. “

And the French newspaper The world reported today that “a source close to the head of state” said: “It would be premature to speak of a release date [confinement]. We must wait until the number of patients in intensive care decreases, which is not yet the case. The virus is far from disappearing. “

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