Amy Schumer legally changes her son’s name after noticing that it looks like a part of the body


Amy Schumer revealed that she legally changed her son’s name a month before her first birthday.

The 38-year-old comedian welcomed his son Gene Attell Fischer with her husband Chris Fisher in May 2019.

Speaking on the podcast 3 Girls, 1 Keith today, Amy said that she and Chris decided to officially change the name they chose for their boy after realizing that it sounded too much like “Genital”.

The couple named their boy after Amy’s close friend and comedic colleague Dave Attell.

Gene Attell will now be called Gene David to avoid confusion.

Amy explained, “Do you know that Gene, our baby’s name has officially changed?

“It’s now Gene David Fischer. It was Gene Attell Fischer, but we realized that, by accident, we named our son “Genital”. “

Claudia O’Doherty, another guest, admitted that she had made the observation but had not told Amy her face.

“My mom pointed this out to me,” Amy called her son “genital,” and she was right! “, Claudia explained laughing.

Amy, husband Chris and their son Gene

Amy hugs her son Gene – who will be a year old in May

Friend Dave Attell, who inspired her son’s name, starred with her in the blockbuster movie Trainwreck as a homeless man who lives outside his apartment.

His first name, according to Gene, is a tribute to the late actor Gene Wilder.

Amy and her husband Chris welcomed their first son a year after tying the knot in 2018 at a grand ceremony in Malibu.

The two will join forces later this year to star in their own show for the Food Network.

The show will see Chris – a chef and food writer – trying to teach Amy to cook.

Some of the episodes will be self-portrait as the couple filmed themselves in the kitchen while the coronavirus was locked.


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