American Idol Recap: Top 18 of season 18 – See the performances [Video]


American Idol On Sunday, it stayed true to its name, broadcasting from almost every corner of the country as the top 20 candidates in season 18 performed for viewer votes in the comfort of their own home (sometimes mind-blowing!).

The remaining 20 singers, as it was officially revealed last week, received special packages – each containing three iPhones for multiple angles, as well as professional microphone and lighting kits – which they used to convert their homes. in makeshift performance halls.

With Ryan Seacrest, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie beaming from distant places, the show went off without a hitch. In fact, depending on how tired you are IdolTraditional format, this home edition can be a welcome change. Scroll down for our thoughts on each of tonight’s performances, with a video of the best:

KIMMY GABRIELA (“Lonely” by Ariana Grande and Macy Gray)
Thanks to the botanical dream that is Gabriela’s backyard, I was already digging into this performance even before it encircled its first notes. I really feel like the decor played a big part in the overall presentation; she channeled the perfect amount of emotion for a backyard jam. Although it has always delivered in previous episodes, it has not always persisted in people’s minds, and I think that is starting to change. Even Katy admitted that she didn’t recognize her at first. Category: A-
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JOVIN WEBB (“With some help from my friends” by Joe Cocker)
It was so good, I got chills. And Wonder years flashbacks. Jovin gave us everything we expected from him at this point, a fully performed performance that hooked us from the start and took us on a journey. Soaked in the sauce, we were. Grade: A
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FRANKLIN BOONE (“Everyone wants to rule the world” from Tears for Fears)
There was something so natural about the moving spin that Boone gave this 80s classic. Seeing it in its element also helped me gather all of its image and I liked what I saw. From fresh hair to an unbuttoned casual shirt, he has a working image. And that voice! It’s as if John Legend and Seal had a baby, but rather than using their relationships to get him a record deal (patronage!), They auditioned him for American Idol like everyone. Grade: A

OLIVIA XIMINES (“Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish)
First, I loved the way she arranged the lights in her fireplace. (I really didn’t expect to have as much inspiration for the decoration of this show, but hey, none of it turned out as you would expect.) Risky, but Ximines was the owner. Category: A-
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LOUIS KNIGHT (JP Saxe and Julia Michaels “If the world ended”)
Knight has repeatedly proven his mastery of emotional ballads, so it’s not surprising that the judges loved his interpretation – expect it – another emotional ballad. And they were right to do it, because he sold the big chunk of it, but I can’t help but wonder how Knight would fare with something more optimistic. This kid is 19 and looks like the sixth forgotten member of One Direction. Can he start having fun? Category: A-
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MAKAYLA PHILLIPS (“Greedy” by Ariana Grande)
First of all, it’s an extremely underrated Grande song, so I love Phillips for choosing it – even more than I already liked. Plus, I’ve always associated “Greedy” with one of RuPaul’s most uncomfortable lip syncs on Drag Race, so that performance also doubled as a palate cleanser. Either way, it worked for me on every level imaginable. Not only was the voice perfect, but I was really digging into the private living room atmosphere that Phillips had set up at home. She’s really comfortable at the microphone, and I feel like she’s one of the most current candidates. Grade: A

ALIANA JESTER (“Run to You” by Whitney Houston)
Inspired by Richie calling her a “young Whitney,” Jester chose to tackle this classic ballad of the Bodyguard soundtrack, offering a performance far beyond his 19 years. It was certainly the most mature it had ever sounded to date, and these lamps were a great touch. Quality: B +
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FAITH BECNEL (“River” of Bishop Briggs)
Becnel may be one of the smallest competitors, but it consistently brings one of the biggest sounds, and this week has been no exception. That said, since Bryan thinks it was the best rendition of “River” he has ever heard, can we finally get him out of the competition? Category: A-
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NICK MERICO (“Hey There Delilah” by Plain White T)
If nothing else, Merico has certainly solidified his adolescent status with this solid performance of a truly emo earworm. The judges appreciated his stripped down version of the song, which revealed the intricacies of his voice. Richie particularly appreciated Merico’s performance, which speaks volumes, given that he literally hated him the first time they met this season. Quality: B +
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LAUREN SPENCER-SMITH (“Mamma Knows Best” by Jessie J)
The metamorphosis this girl suffered is unreal. I barely recognized the houndstooth queen when she appeared in front of the camera at what appears to be the set of Camp Rock. She gave us so much attitude, so many little nuances – I’m really impressed. Category: A-
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CYNIAH ELISE (the “warrior” of Demi Lovato)
I don’t often throw words like “explosives”, but how would you describe Elise’s performance otherwise? Light and pretty one minute, then explosive and powerful the next, it gave us its full spectrum. The only criticism from the judges is that she needs to feel the material a little more. (Katy’s advice: “Work this camera the way you work with this mirror at home.”) Category: A-
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FRANCISCO MARTIN (“Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry)
It took courage to make an original Perry, but I never doubted Martin for a second. A perfect voice apart, this performance was overflowing with charm and personality. I’m actually glad there was no audience tonight, because we probably couldn’t have heard Martin’s voice on all the shouts. He absolutely made himself his own, as he always has. I am a big fan. Grade: A

SOPHIA JAMES (“Burning” by Maggie Rogers)
Each competitor has evolved throughout the competition, but each evolution has not included a new name. (Halet!) Anyway, Sophia James made a lot of splashes this week, crushing the high notes and running without sweating. It sounded like a professional performance from start to finish. Until the end of the hair. Category: A-
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DEWAYNE CROCKER JR. (I got you from James Brown (I feel good) ”
With his Christmas tree still shining, Crocker started the holidays early, putting an even more funk touch to this dance and dance classic. The judges wanted more growl in his voice, but they liked his confidence and energy. No disagreement here. Category: A-
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DILLON JAMES (“Let It Be Me” by Ray Lamontagne)
James didn’t give us the most exciting performance of the night, but his overall package was polite enough to make it a success. As always, he knows exactly who he is as a person and as an artist. Honestly, I don’t really know how (or if) he could grow up from here. His whole future in this competition will depend on how America responds to him as a person – and I have a feeling they will respond well. Category: A-
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ARTHUR GUNN (“Lovin Machine” by Wynonie Harris)
Like James, Gunn seems to know who he is. And again, I’m not sure what – if anything – I would even dare to change it. And can I be the only one who can’t stop looking at his eyes during this performance? I’m not saying that he was briefly possessed by the spirit of the music itself … but I’m not do not say that. Category: A-

JULIA GARGANO (“Human” by Christina Perri)
Perri’s purists (they’re over there!) May not have appreciated how much Gargano hijacked the song’s melody, but it remained an undoubtedly deadly performance. Richie, for his part, appreciated the changes, congratulating Gargano for staying true to his own style. Grade: A
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GRACE LEER (“Cry” from Faith Hill)
With a somewhat refreshing rendition of a song we have heard many times before, Grace proved that Idol viewers were right to keep it in the competition. Grade: A
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JUST SAM (“I believe” from Fantasia)
“Oh my goddess”, indeed. Just Sam’s voice and Fantasia’s music turned out to be even more suited to the paradise of idols than I could have imagined. This performance was magnificent and uplifting and true to Just Sam’s journey to date. Let’s be honest, there has been a Top 10 chair with the name Just Sam on it since day one, and it will be well deserved. Grade: A

JONNY WEST (“What a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong)
It was kind of a strange song to end the night, huh? (Plus, hi, Margie Mays! We see you!) Anyway, West has definitely put its own twist on this timeless standard, turning it in the right direction. The end result was an emotional jam that seemed to have been written today. Grade: A
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Which of IdolShould the Top 20 reach the Top 10? Vote for your top 10 performances from Sunday’s episode in our poll below, then post a comment with more of your thoughts.


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