Amazon warehouse worker in Balzac, Alberta gets positive results for COVID-19


An employee at Amazon’s distribution center in Balzac, Alberta, tested positive for the new coronavirus, the company confirmed.

In an emailed statement, Amazon said it supports the employee, adding that it is recovering from the illness.

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Amazon did not say when the person tested positive or in what area of ​​the establishment he worked.

“We follow the directions of health officials and medical experts and take extreme measures to keep our site employees safe,” said Timothy Carter, Amazon public relations manager.

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According to the company, each time a case of COVID-19 is confirmed in one of its facilities, Amazon shares the news with everyone who works on the site, not just those who have been in close contact with the company. affected employee.

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Amazon said it had taken a number of additional precautions to protect its staff and the customers it served, including changing their meeting and training configurations, changing shift start times, and breaks to allow employees to take social distances and to terminate guests coming from the facilities.

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Masks have also been made available at all Amazon sites, and employees are encouraged to follow the advice of health care experts on hand washing and sanitation.

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All employees who are diagnosed with COVID-19 or who need to be quarantined are paid two weeks’ wages.

The risk is minor

According to Dr. Craig Jenne, associate professor of microbiology, immunology and infectious diseases at the University of Calgary, the risk of introducing COVID-19 into your home through online shopping plans is low.

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“It’s a much safer way to shop because you don’t even interact with the people in the store,” said Craig.

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“However, there is always a risk. The risk is quite minor but it is still a risk. “

Craig said anyone who receives packages, no matter where they came from, should disinfect the outside of the package and as soon as they finish opening it and throwing away the paper, wash their hands immediately.

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He said that things in a package are probably fairly clean, but anyone who wants to take extra care can let their items sit for two or three days before using them.

“We know the virus only lasts 24 hours on cardboard, and maybe two or three days on a really optimal surface like metal or plastic,” he said.

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