Amazon must limit orders in France following court ruling – TechCrunch


A court in Nanterre, France, ruled that Amazon should severely restrict orders in France in the coming weeks. According to the decision that the AFP and a union have obtained, Amazon can only accept orders for groceries, hygiene, and health products.

The company has 24 hours to comply or will have to pay a fine of 1 million euros per day.

Since the start of the foreclosure in France, Amazon has already “prioritized” essential items over non-essential items. This means that if you order a video game from Amazon, it can take a week or more to appear at your home.

But the six distribution centers in France are still operating as usual. Mediapart shared audio tapes from Amazon executives last month saying that they were not doing enough to protect warehouse workers – social distance was particularly difficult, for example.

Since then, at least one Amazon employee has been diagnosed with coronavirus in France. A union (Sud Solidaires) seized a court, asking Amazon to completely close its warehouses in order to protect the employees.

The court ruled that Amazon could not continue to operate as usual under these circumstances. But the company can still accept orders for essential items. He must review his operations if he wants to accept more orders in the future.

According to Le Parisien, the decision will remain valid for up to a month, pending a review of the risks associated with COVID-19. The court may decide to extend the restrictions.


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