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Almost Linked Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady, Stephen A. Reacts


Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady were almost on the same team together.

Allen Iverson was one of the best players in the NBA during his heyday and continues to be considered a fan favorite. Unfortunately, Iverson never managed to win a championship despite its quality. He reached the NBA finals a year ago, although his Philadelphia 76ers ended up being rolled over by Shaq and Kobe Bryant.

Iverson almost got much-needed help in 1999, according to a recent article. He says the Toronto Raptors were going to send Tracy McGrady to the 76ers in exchange for a first-round pick and Larry Hughes. In fact, the Raptors did not make the deal because Stephen A. Smith, who reported on the Raptors’ efforts. The Raptors were basically cold feet and decided to keep McGrady, at least for the time being.

Smith saw the tweet about the deal and made sure to let people know that everything was factual.

If McGrady had joined the IA in Philadelphia, there was a good chance they would win a championship together. Unfortunately, we will never know if this would have been the case, even if it does not hurt to fantasize.

If you’re a fan of the 76ers, this one should sting. And think it all started with an article by Stephen A. Smith.


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