Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez never spoke to Joe Biden. Here’s what she would say.


I think the ideological argument is wrong, and I think it is supported by an exit poll. Although Biden is the candidate, we also know that he did not win because of politics – I don’t think he won because of his program, he won because of various factors. State after state after state, Democratic voters support a progressive agenda.

I want to respect his victory, he won because of his coalition constitution, he won because of his service, he won for many different reasons – but I don’t think he won because the Americans don’t not want “Medicare for all.” And right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if what we see with the coronavirus hasn’t yet changed people’s opinion in support of a progressive program.

How should the progressives’ relationship with Hillary Clinton in 2016 shed light on how you will do in 2020 with Biden? What are the lessons of how it turned out that deserve to be changed or reproduced this time?

As much of a trash fire as Twitter can be at times, I actually think that the process was much less painful, nasty and cumbersome than in 2016. In 2016, things like super-delegates delegitimized the process so much that ‘he seemed much more burned. land, and I’m not even talking between the two candidates, but just what voters thought of the party.

I think people understand that there are limits to what Biden will do and that is understandable – he did not run as a progressive candidate. But, at the bare minimum, we must aspire to be better than we have been before. And I just don’t know if this “let’s go back to the way things were” message will work for people for whom the way things were really bad.

Is Joe Biden’s approval of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a sure thing?

I always said that I would support the Democratic candidate. But unity is a process, and figuring out what it looks like is part of the whole conversation that I think Bernie and Warren and others are also part of.

Yes. But I guess I’m asking you questions. Is there something you are looking for? Is there a difference between voting for or campaigning for him? What are the possibilities of your relationship with the Democratic candidate in the coming months?


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