Alexander Zverev suspects he contracted a virus late last year


German tennis star Alexander Zverev suspects that he may have been infected with the coronavirus without even knowing it. A few days before the New Year, Zverev and his girlfriend were on a trip to China. After arriving in Australia for the first ATP Cup, Zverev and his girlfriend did not feel well.

The German said he had never experienced anything like this because he just couldn’t stop coughing. “My friend Brenda and I were in China on December 28,” Zverev told Bild, as We Love Tennis France revealed.

“You can’t imagine how I coughed for a month in Australia. I had a fever for two or three days and I coughed for five or six hours. Brenda too. We didn’t know what it was. It was a cough that I had never done, I had no pain, but I was coughing continuously every ten seconds.

I had no pain, but I was coughing continuously every ten seconds. “Zverev, ranked No. 7 in the world, had poor results at the ATP Cup. Zverev has lost all three of his singles matches and Germany had no chance of making it past the Round Robin stage.

But former world number 3 Zverev improved his level considerably at the Australian Open, where he made his first Grand Slam semifinal. The 22-year-old German won the first set of his semifinal match against Dominic Thiem before the Austrian came back in strong streak for a four-set victory. Zverev could not say 100% that he had contracted the coronavirus.


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