Aldi lifts restrictions on more products today and shares update on in-store payments


Earlier this week, Aldi announced that it had lifted its four-limit restriction on all products in stores and had only rationed certain products.

This is because supermarkets across the country have limits on what buyers can buy to stop storage and to make sure there are enough essential items for everyone.

As of today, however, Aldi’s limits will no longer include beers, wines and spirits or layers, as restrictions on these products have now been lifted.

The restrictions will now be as follows, but are likely to change soon.

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Four per customer

Antibacterial wipes

Hand wash and soap

Shower gel


Toilet paper, paper towels, handkerchiefs


Canned tomatoes, canned beans and sausages

Partly baked bread

Two per customer

Antibacterial hand gel

UHT milk

Baby formula

Starting Monday, Aldi’s contactless card limits will also increase to £ 45 per transaction to allow more customers to pay cashless or contactless with payment terminals.

It comes after the store announced that it would donate nearly half a million Easter eggs to vulnerable families and children, in partnership with Neighborly. Each store will donate up to 50 Easter eggs a day from today until April 11, as the retailer seeks to spread the much-needed joy in these difficult times.


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