Aldi apologizes to buyers for removing popular items from stores


Aldi fans will know there is one thing in particular that sets the supermarket apart: its selection of Special Buys.

From baby and toddler items to pizza ovens, garden swings and giant carrot toys, there’s always something to keep buyers interested as they walk down the middle aisle.

But now, following the current pandemic, Aldi has made the decision to withdraw some of its special purchases from stores.

According to ECHO, a message on the Aldi website has been put in place to inform buyers that although they will still be able to buy special purchases online, some items will not be available in stores as planned.

The notice reads: “Unfortunately, you won’t find many of our special offers for babies and toddlers in stores on Monday, April 13 as expected.

“However, you can still buy the full range below and have them delivered right to your door. “

Aldi published an online statement
Aldi published an online statement

A message on the Special Buys home page also states: “You may have noticed that all of our advertised Specialbuys were not available for purchase in store due to current events.

“We are delighted to be able to tell you that many of them are still available for purchase online, while supplies last. “


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