Alberta allocates $ 1.9 billion to infrastructure projects to create jobs during pandemic


The government is accelerating infrastructure projects across the province to get some Albertans back to work.

Alberta is allocating $ 1.9 billion in capital funding to repair roads, bridges, restore schools and fill potholes.

The government says these projects will bring thousands of Albertans back to work.

“These infrastructure investments will be focused on projects that can be implemented quickly,” said Premier Jason Kenney. “By doubling our funds for maintenance and capital renewal projects, we will make the much-needed improvements to large assets, keep businesses in business, and most importantly, keep Albertans in business.”

The $ 1.9 billion will be distributed among 114 projects, including 27 schools and nine major bridge and road projects.

“Today we are accelerating spending on capital maintenance and spending more money to replace boilers, replace roofs and repair leaky pipes and windows,” said the Minister of Infrastructure, Prasad Panda. “We are spending more money on these projects because it will extend the life and value of public infrastructure. And because it will create short term jobs when we face unemployment unlike Alberta for the past 90 years.

Of the total, $ 60 million will be used to repair potholes in the province.

Budget 2020 allocated $ 6.9 billion for capital in 2020-2021. The announcement Thursday doubles funding for maintenance and capital renewal from $ 937 million to $ 1.9 billion.



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