Alanis Morissette breastfeeds the cover of Health magazine


Alanis Morissette embraces the joys of motherhood by breastfeeding her seven-month-old baby on the cover of the new issue of Health magazine.

The singer looks radiant in the photo as she feeds the little winter and tells the publication that she was the one who had the idea.

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@Alanis has been extraordinarily open to the treatment of depression and postpartum anxiety in the past, and now she shares the importance of talking to her kids about mental health: “Oh, we are talking about therapy all the time. time, ”she says. When one of them asks “what is therapy?”, The conversation goes like this: “Oh, therapy is where someone really helps you understand your heart, your soul, your mind, your story and your thoughts. ” . “I want to make them feel that they are not alone, that I am here and that they can feel it throughout the process,” says #Alanis. “Right now, I’m reading a book on emotion-oriented family therapy – it’s going into clinical madness. I think this is the new thing. I really think that the sooner you introduce your family to therapy, the better. ” When it comes to taking care of herself, Alanis says that she meditates, but only sometimes. “Sometimes meditating for anxiety is not the right thing,” she says. “Being still is the nectar of the gods. Other times it’s like, “Oh, I’m just going to fall into an anxiety attack pit right now. »«. Click on the link in the biography to read the full interview. (?: @kayt_jones)

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” I love women. I love moms so much, “she says. “If I talk too much about it, I’ll start crying. I just think moms are so selfless day after day. Women kill him all the time, and they suffer so often quietly or not so calmly, and continue to suffer.

“And if there can even be a moment of respite that my humor around me or my validation can help – that’s why I did it. Plus, I love education and teaching. “

Alanis battled postpartum depression after the birth of her first two children, but she admits her experiences prepared her well for baby number three.

“(With) my first two children, it was mainly depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety,” added the ironic singer. “But the depression was so much in my face that the anxiety was just background music.

“With this one, it’s mostly anxiety and almost no depression. I understood that it is purely animal. At this animal level, you’re just supposed to be up all night feeding your baby and sleeping all day when he’s napping. Who does it— I don’t know any mom who says “I sleep completely when they sleep”. ”


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