Again, rumors of Ellen Degeneres being nasty continue. Nikkie De Jager reveals his story


Ellen DeGenerous was repeatedly targeted by the Mean Movement and just when things started to cool down, Jager’s Nikkie revealed that she had been abused at the Ellen Show.

Nikkie is well known for her YouTube channel called Nikkie tutorials.

De Jager has revealed that the reality of what is going on in the studio is much more than we think. The atmosphere was not at all welcoming and did not meet de Jager’s expectations. She believed that she would be greeted with confetti and jokes, the way many artists, musicians and other guests had been greeted.

She just wanted a ‘Welcome to the Ellen Show!’

Nikkie De Jager
Source: Refinery29

Instead, she was greeted by an angry intern. To quote from Jager, she “was waiting for a Disney show but got a Teletubbies after dark. “

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In fact, she went on to say that she had not received the same VIP treatment as the other famous guests. While each guest Ellen had private toilets, De Jager did not. She couldn’t even use the restroom closest to her because apparently it was only for the Jonas Brothers.

It seemed a little strange to the Youtuber, as she said that her videos had more views than the popular group.

“They were allowed, but I was not. My interview got eight million views, while theirs only got two million. Ha! “

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It was a huge honor but …

Nikkie De Jager alongside Ellen Degeneres in The Ellen Show
Source: E! New

In the end, de Jager thought it would have been better to continue Eva Jinek. She also mentioned that Ellen was “cold and distant” when the cameras were off because she noticed a big difference between Dutch talk show and the Ellen’s show.

“And I say that in favor of this show. It’s good that you say “hi” before the show. She did not do it. “

De Jager revealed that it was indeed an immense honor to be on stage with the famous Ellen DeGeneres, but it was not as pleasant as she had thought.

Ellen was quickly criticized for her behavior since the comedian Kevin T. Porter tweeted that DeGeneres is “notoriously one of the nastiest people alive.” He even urged people to send him nasty stories they heard about DeGeneres in order to raise money for the Los Angeles food bank.

Meanwhile, DeGeneres also faces violent reactions after comparing self-isolation to prison.

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