After all, Dyson will not build fans for the UK


The pause comes after a drama reported around Dyson’s announcement in late March. Telegraph Sources said Dyson’s announcement sparked “fury” in the Prime Minister’s office because it had anticipated plans to define a strategy to strengthen the capacity of the National Health Service. Indeed, Dyson may have “scored points” in the interest of advertising, promising a giant order even if it needed regulatory approval to move forward.

As Dyson said, that doesn’t mean CoVent is gone. Countries more severely affected by COVID-19, such as the United States, may still need it. And a lack of demand is clearly a good thing at a time when many still fear that hospitals will be overwhelmed by patients with coronavirus. However, the decision to suspend manufacturing can damage Dyson’s reputation. It comes just a few months after the company abandoned its electric car project in the fall – it doesn’t have much success outside of key categories like vacuum cleaners and hair dryers.


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