AEW would have a backup plan in case they couldn’t save in Georgia


With more and more states issuing residence orders, AEW would have a back-up plan to find out if they could not continue recording in Georgia. As it was reported yesterday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued a 30-day stay order that started at midnight and prohibits anyone who does not carry on essential businesses. This led AEW to move to QT Marshall’s One Fall Power Factory gymnasium in Norcross, Georgia. However, Georgia has also issued an on-site shelter order that runs from April 3 to 13.

AEW currently has a number of marches registered on April 8 and 15 by WON. This would allow them to weather the storm of the order if it is not extended. However, it is very possible and even likely, given the way COVID-19 cases continue to increase, that the order could be extended. WON notes that AEW is supposed to have a backup plan in this case, although it is unclear what this plan is.


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