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2020 perspective project Javon Kinlaw has an incredible story. The South Carolina defensive tackle had a difficult education and was homeless for much of his childhood. As he prepares for the next chapter of his journey, Kinlaw gave an interview to Kimberly Jones of He said he didn’t think much about his past and easily qualified as the best defensive tackle in the draft. He competes with Auburn’s Derrick Brown for this title, and is a lockdown for being a first-round pick. While supporting her young daughter is great, Kinlaw said her big rookie contract won’t be the best part. ” The money is going to be there and it’s cool, ” he said. “But I like football. I’m just glad to have the chance to do what very few have the chance to do. I’m lucky to play the game you grow up seeing. To have it for work? We can’t ask for more than that. “

Kinlaw did not play in the Senior Bowl due to tendonitis in the knee and then did not operate on the combine, but this does not appear to have any serious injury issues. A team assessor told Jones that Kinlaw’s recent medical reports came back clean. Former Gamecock said he spoke to “about 14 teams” before the draft. Kinlaw could very well enter the top ten, and he shouldn’t have to wait too long to hear his name.

Here’s more from the league as we approach the draft week:

  • For all the discussions about how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect the project and the potential technical malfunctions that could guarantee while driving it virtually, this could be even more disruptive to the unwritten free agent process. Unwritten free agency normally moves very quickly as the project ends, and Ben Volin of the Boston Globe has spoken to some agents who think it will get complicated. An agent said it would be a “complete mess” and that “if they function the same way this year, there will be more business dropouts because they occupy too many spaces.” There are apparently communication problems in the frenzy that usually takes place, and as an example, Volin writes that a “safety coach could call a player and tell him to wait for an offer, not realizing that [his team doesn’t] have list space. Some league members are calling for a spread to make things easier. “Make it a separate day. Doing it on the third day of the project this year will be miserable, ”said an agent. “I don’t see why everyone wouldn’t agree with this. Volin noted that he contacted a league spokesperson to see if they were considering pushing him back, but got no response.
  • When the Lions gave Halapoulivaati vaitai a big contract of 50 million dollars over five years, most assumed that he would take over for Ricky wagner right, but it’s apparently not necessarily the case. Detroit GM Bob quinn recently said the team could choose to play it right, by Detroit Free Press Dave Birkett (Twitter link). “We think we can plug it in anywhere. … We’re going to sort of see where the list forms, ”said Quinn. Birkett notes in a follow-up Tweeter that they certainly paid him as a good tackle, but can choose to hit him inside if there is a tackle they really want at the start of this draft. they have Taylor decker to the left tackle. Vaitai was highly regarded in Philadelphia, but was buried behind the Eagles’ tackle surplus, so he has only started four games in the past two years.


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