Adam Schlesinger, Emmy and Grammy-winner of Fountains of Wayne, died after contracting coronavirus


Adam Schlesinger, Emmy and Grammy winning musician and songwriter, known for his work with his group Fountains of Wayne and for the television program Crazy ex-girlfriend, died Wednesday after contracting the coronavirus.

Schlesinger died in a hospital in northern New York, longtime lawyer Josh Grier told The Associated Press. It is not known where or how Schlesinger, a father of two 52-year-old daughters, contracted the virus. He had been sedated and ventilated for several days.

Schlesinger was nominated for 10 Emmy Awards for writing comic songs through several television shows, winning three.

He was also nominated for an Academy Award for writing the title track for the 1997 film. This thing you do, written and directed by Tom Hanks. The catchy pop song was the fictional hit for a Beatles group called One-ders, later changed to the Wonders, on a label called Playtone, a name that Hanks adopted for his production company.

“There would be no Playtone without Adam Schlesinger, without his This thing you do“Hanks, who is recovering from the coronavirus, said on Twitter.

“He was a One-der. The lost at Covid-19. Terribly sad today. “

Raised in New York and Montclair, N.J., Schlesinger formed Fountains of Wayne, named after a lawn ornaments store in Wayne, N.J., in 1995 with his classmate from Williams College, Massachusetts, Chris Collingwood.

With Schlesinger playing bass and backing vocals and Collingwood playing guitar and vocals, and the two men co-writing songs, the group known for its sunny harmonies and synthesis of pop, rock punk and comedy will have successes in 1996 with Radiation vibration and 2003 with Stacy’s mom. The latter was nominated for a Grammy.

The group was more New Jersey than New York. While most rock bands live for the city, the writing of Fountains of Wayne and Schlesinger has embraced the suburbs with finely engraved life stories as a floor installer who is confident that his crush will return to his search and a commuter who is sure of his A bright future in sales.

“It’s a real thing from Randy Newman,” Schlesinger told the AP in 2003. “It’s a hallmark of his writing that has always amazed me – the kind of subconscious narrator, where you learn about it. more about him than about himself. verses. ”

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said on Twitter that Schlesinger’s death was “a sad and sad loss to the Jersey music scene”.

Stephen King, Fran Drescher and many others also sang his praise on social media.

After the main race for Fountains of Wayne was finished, Schlesinger would then slide backstage and continue to be known for his writing.

He won the 2009 Grammy for Best Comedy Album for co-writing with David Javerbaum the songs of Colbert Christmas: the greatest gift of all! a companion to a Christmas special with songs performed by Stephen Colbert and Elvis Costello.

Colbert said on Twitter Wednesday that he was “so sad” to learn of the death of a “great (and patient) talented artist with whom I have been fortunate enough to work.”

In recent years, he has been known with series star Rachel Bloom as one of the songwriters behind Crazy ex-girlfriend, the musical series on the CW.

Last year, Schlesinger, Bloom and Jack Dolgen won an Emmy for the show’s song, Antidepressants are therefore not a big problem.

Bloom was in hospital with a little girl while Schlesinger was another hospital across the country with the virus. She said in an Instagram article on Wednesday that she, her husband and her baby had gone home safely, but that it was the most “emotionally intense” week of her life to have her daughter while her “Dear friend” suffered 3,000 miles away.

“I have so much to say about Adam Schlesinger that I am completely at a loss for words,” she tweeted Wednesday evening. “He is irreplaceable. “

Working again with Javerbaum, Schlesinger won a 2012 Emmy Award for writing the song It’s not just for homosexuals, performed by Neil Patrick Harris to open the Tony Awards television broadcast. They wrote another song for Harris that won them another Emmy the following year.


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