Adam Sandler and Jimmy Fallon warn “Don’t Touch Grandma” in new song




Adam Sandler and Jimmy Fallon are here to share the “new grandmother rules”.

In Monday’s episode of “The Tonight Show: At Home Edition,” the actors joined forces for a social distance duet with grandmother amid the coronavirus pandemic.

With their guitars in hand, Fallon started singing the late night original, “Don’t Touch Grandma”: “I love my grandmother so much, I know she loves me too. “

“But thanks to this stupid virus / There are new grandmother rules,” added Sandler.

In perfect harmony, the pair continued: “Don’t touch grandma, leave her alone / You can spend a quarter to call her on the phone. Because grandmothers like to pinch your cheeks and kiss your head and kiss you / want my grandmother to catch a super bug. “

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Adam Sandler and Jimmy Fallon teamed up to cheer up through the song in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Sandler and Fallon offered their fans another way to reach out to their high-risk loved ones (“keep the zoom”) and encouraged card games from a distance (“learn to play Canasta on the other side of the room “.)

Here’s the full song:

This is not the first time that Sandler and Fallon have teamed up to cheer up viewers through the song.

In a video appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” last week, Sandler performed a humorous song about health care workers and quarantine living.

After putting on sunglasses and preparing a guitar, he sang, “The doctors and nurses will save us from this mess if we provide them with the supplies they need.” And I hope they will save us soon because I am really, really sick from my family. “

He continued, “We have to build more fans and make more masks, we have to do it now, so let’s all come together. I teach math to my kids and it can’t be good for America. ”

Contributor: Sara M Moniuszko

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