“Absolutely unacceptable”: dissatisfied with the test results, Ford wants 13,000 COVID-19 tests to be performed per day


Premier Doug Ford made no mistake during his daily press conference on Wednesday when he explained where the bulk of the province’s efforts are focused on COVID-19.

Ford said there were two things it was zoned on: personal protective equipment (PPE) and the COVID-19 tests, which it had not weighed heavily until Wednesday.

“What is absolutely unacceptable is the number of tests we do,” said Ford. “I may not understand health, but what people understand in this province and what I understand are the numbers, and we also understand that the countries that have tested and have intensified the tests have given results.

The Premier established a benchmark for the province to perform 13,000 COVID-19 tests per day, starting with long-term care workers and front-line workers.

“As I mentioned to our order table (COVID-19) and to the CEO (from Ontario Health, Matt Anderson) last night, my patience became thin and I have no more excuses,” said Ford.

“It is unacceptable, we have the capacity now. Before, I understand that we did not have the reagent (a necessary component of the tests), we did not have all the tests. We have the test capabilities, we have the capacity center assessment, we have the reagent – we say we can do 13,000 a day? Then we have to start making 13,000 every day. “

Ford said he wanted every long-term care facility to be tested, every patient, every healthcare worker in long-term care facilities, as well as older residents.

“I want all front-line health workers in this province to be tested, as well as the first responders – our police, our firefighters, our paramedics. We owe it to them and others tested, “said Ford.

“The days have passed for those 2,000 and 3,000 a day to be tested and to move forward, we have to see 13,000 tests every day. I have the confidence of our healthcare team, I have the confidence of our leadership at the table – we have to make it happen and we have to start doing it immediately, starting tomorrow. “

You can watch the full Premier Ford press conference below.


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