A “ridiculous” assertion by John Barnes and a “coup” by Kevin de Bruyne


My sacrifice
After the “F @@@@@ g cheek” from Health Secretary Matt Hancock on Thursday evening, it goes without saying that football journalists will weigh in.

Mark Irwin from The sun suggests that players introduce themselves as Paulie, the boss of Goodfellas Mob, supported by struggling restaurants.

“” Is business bad? F *** you, pay me. Oh, did you have a fire? F *** you, pay me. Did the place get her by lightning? F *** you, pay me. “

Irwin himself admits “the reality is very different” in the next line. This raises the question of why the rather useless comparison is made.

“Hundreds of players have made charitable donations and are contributing to community projects during this time of national emergency,” he added.

Let’s go to Ian Herbert from Daily Mail, who emphasizes that “the real acts of sacrifice are those on which there is little song and dance”, before suggesting that “such acts are pitifully thin on the ground” in the following paragraph.

All he knows is a mystery. If “there are few songs and dances about them”, how can you say for sure that they don’t happen?

Can and should footballers do their part, like everyone else? Absolutely. Are they an easy target? Of course. Could some journalists do a little less to add fuel to the fire? Always.

Martin Samuel’s Daily Mail column is a wonderful evisceration of PFA’s “illusory” president, Gordon Taylor. But a paragraph stood out:

“Unless footballers are allowed to demonstrate some understanding of the pain the country feels when the game gets hungry, it will be roughly on par with cock fighting. “

It’s just not true, is it? It will remain the most popular sport in the country. Footballers’ overall reputation would certainly suffer, but public perception was hardly favorable anyway before the pandemic.

Klopp, jump and jump

“Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has told his players to forget the title and focus on their families. “

Like always, Daily Mirror: if the opposite is a bigger story, this is not a last page news. Come back to us when Virgil van Dijk says that Klopp told the Liverpool players to forget their families and focus on the title instead.

Barnes stormer
Klopp and his Liverpool team would be advised not to visit the Daily Mirror website in this case, because they would soon be greeted by the following title:

“John Barnes insists that Liverpool should not win the Premier League title”

Oh good. Because this situation needs more opinions from people who will not be involved in the decision at all.

Let’s see if John has a new idea to offer. Spoiler: it doesn’t. Nobody does it anymore.

“A lot of people see it in a pretty binary way:” Liverpool should just be awarded the title of champion “because they are 25 points ahead. But for the integrity of football, it is important that the season is over. “

Okay. And by all accounts, this is the preferred course of action. But only when it is safe and reasonable.

“It’s ridiculous, you can’t ignore three-quarters of the season! “

It sounds more like an argument against canceling the season than anything else, but carry on.

“It would make no sense (to award the title to Liverpool) because a championship team could say,” Well, we were 15 points ahead, why didn’t we get promoted? “”

They could. Except that there is no team with 15 points ahead in the championship. Leeds edged Fulham third by less than half, with more games left than in the Premier League. And Liverpool’s lead is 25 points, not 15.

What will happen first: either the resumption or cancellation of the current season, or the moment when each possible person has been invited to give their opinion on this?

By this title on the Daily Express website, it will be a tight thing:

“Man City star Kevin de Bruyne says Premier League must be CANCELED against Liverpool

A player of the only Liverpool rivals to have expressed his opinion that the Premier League should be CANCELED? How will current leaders recover from this “coup”?

The boy who cried Wilf
Elsewhere on the Daily Express website, they say Manchester United could consider “activating their buyout clauses on Memphis Depay or Wilfried Zaha” as a cheaper alternative to Jadon Sancho.

That’s great, but United don’t have a buyout on Zaha. And Depay suffered a knee injury in December that should keep him away until at least July. Neither is likely to jump at the chance to return to the club where they once fought.

How curious that the same author for the same point of sale made exactly the same mistake with the same players almost at the same time Last year.

Cut my life to pieces
Sun’s website, meanwhile, thinks it’s the biggest story about lunch on Friday:

“Euro football leaders admit the season could be interrupted after the Belgian league disconnects”

Fair play. It’s pretty huge.

“A letter common to all leagues and clubs confirms that ending the campaign despite the coronavirus crisis is the collective goal of European football. “


“But the letter, co-written by Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin, Juventus president Andrea Agnelli in his role as head of the Association of European Clubs and Lars Christer Olsson of the European League coordination group, concedes that it may not be possible for the campaign to be played to an end.

Oh wow. Good.

“” Stopping competitions should really be the last resort after recognizing that there is no calendar alternative to conclude the season. “

“This last point represented the first official recognition by European football that the end of the season may not be possible. “

I mean, it’s more “we’ll cancel the season if there’s literally no alternative possible “as it is” the first official recognition by European football that the completion of the season may not be possible “. But whatever floats your boat.

Title of the Creepy Sun site of the day
“Neymar ex Soraja Vucelic’s Playboy model amazes fans with a revealing video of his training during the coronavirus lockdown”

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