A nurse killed his doctor girlfriend “because he thought she had given him a coronavirus”


A nurse killed his doctor girlfriend
Nurse Antonio De Pace confessed to killing new qualified doctor Lorena Quaranta

A nurse accused of strangling his doctor girlfriend told police that he killed her “because she gave him a coronavirus”.

Antonio De Pace, 28, is said to have confessed to killing new qualified doctor Lorena Quaranta, 27, who was found dead in their apartment on Tuesday.

Both worked in a Sicilian hospital and had been drafted to help fight the pandemic in one of the most affected countries in the world, where more than 13,000 people died. Lorena’s colleagues helped save her boyfriend’s life after cutting his wrists, it was said.

He was then taken to the local prosecutor where he reportedly told investigators, “I killed her because she gave me a coronavirus. “

Lorena Quaranta had worked on the front line in Italy’s fight against the coronavirus
Her boyfriend Antonio De Pace reportedly called the police on Tuesday to tell them that he had killed her

Tests were underway on each, but the first indications were that neither had the virus, The Sun reported.

In the days leading up to her death, Lorena had commented on Facebook about the challenges faced by nurses and primary care physicians.

She wrote, “Now more than ever, we have to show responsibility and love for life. You must show respect for yourself, your families and the country.

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De Pace reportedly told police: “I killed her because she gave me a coronavirus”
In the days before her death, Lorena posted on Facebook the difficulties encountered by health workers during the crisis

“You must think and remember those who dedicate their lives daily to caring for the sick. “

While De Pace was detained at the hospital, Lorena’s family was told that they would have to hold a funeral soon due to the large increase in deaths from coronavirus.

Mayor Anna Alba said: “Her poor parents have already suffered her loss and now they will not be able to say goodbye to her, it is a tragedy in a tragedy. “

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