A note of anger left on a woman’s car as she brings food to a vulnerable friend


Someone left a note on Sarah Crosland’s car (Image: BPM)

A good Samaritan criticized someone who left a note of anger inside his car when he delivered food to a vulnerable friend while the coronavirus was locked.

Sarah Crosland returned to her car in Morley, Leeds to find the note after dropping off a few purchases from a friend at risk.

The letter was issued through a crack in the window in her car seat, saying that she had registered her registration number and accusing her of having violated “the regulatory lockout.”

Government asked public to save lives by staying at home unless they have to go out shopping, exercise or work during the coronavirus pandemic that claimed over 10,000 lives people.

Sarah Crossland was annoyed by the note (Image: MAN)

The note said, “I have registered your registration number. You have nothing to do on this street.

“You’ve broken the regulatory lockout.” “

Crosland posted on social media to warn people not to pass judgment after finding the letter.

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She said, “Hi, people from Leeds, this is a public service announcement on quarantine rules and how not to pass judgment.

“I dropped off a few purchases for someone vulnerable.

“I did my shopping alongside my own weekly store. I parked my car near their house. My window was slightly open because it was hot.

“When I got into my car, I found this passive-aggressive note in my seat. “

The letter she found attached to her car (Photo: MAN)

Crosland added, “I would have been more than happy to explain what I was doing through social distancing, even if I thought that the shopping bags in my hand and in the car could have been a gift.

‘Moral of the story? Do not judge people who are trying to help others. “

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