A new era for Aston Martin begins


“I am truly delighted to assume the role of Executive Chairman of this great British company, Aston Martin Lagonda,” said Stroll. “In the midst of the most difficult environment in the world that we have ever known, all my energies and those of the management team will now be devoted to taking advantage of the inherent forces of the company, its brand, its engineering and skills of its people to forge the foundations of a bright future. “

Right now, the immediate priority is to start production of the Aston Martin DBX to help increase the company’s profits. “Our most urgent goal is to plan to restart our manufacturing operations, particularly to start production of the brand’s first SUV, DBX, and to bring the organization back to full operational life,” said Stroll. “We will do it in a way that will ensure that we protect our employees, wherever they work – their safety is our number one concern. “


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