A glimmer of hope in France as coronavirus intensive care patients decline for the second day


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                Avec une légère baisse du nombre de patients atteints de coronavirus en soins intensifs, la France voit un «rayon de soleil pâle» dans la pandémie, alors même que les autorités signalent le décès d'un enfant lié au coronavirus, avec 987 décès de plus dans les hôpitaux et les maisons de repos du dernières 24 heures.

Vendredi, dans son point de presse, le chef de la santé, Jerome Salomon, a déclaré qu'un enfant de moins de dix ans infecté par Covid-19 était décédé, mais a ajouté que l'enfant souffrait d'autres pathologies et que la mort n'est pas uniquement due à le virus.

Solomon said the new 24-hour death toll in France, including 554 people in hospitals and 433 in nursing homes, brings the total to 13,197 since the start of the epidemic.

On Friday, 45 other patients were transferred by two high-speed TGV trains from the Paris region to the southwest, one of the areas least affected by the virus, to relieve pressure on hospitals. Nearly 200 patients have already been evacuated from the Paris region since April 1

The situation in retirement homes remains worrying. Aurélien Rousseau, the highest health official in the Paris region, said Friday that more than 400 of the 700 nursing homes in the region had registered at least one Covid-19 case.

Die at home

The official number of deaths in France includes those recorded in hospitals and nursing homes, but France experienced an increase of almost 10% in home deaths in March compared to 2019. It is difficult to know how many ‘between them are due to the cases of Covid-19.

Healthcare professionals in the field reported having treated more patients with coronavirus-like symptoms.

It will take some time to measure the real impact of the virus outside official institutions. The health authority has asked doctors to report all deaths and the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) will analyze the data to determine the actual number of deaths linked to the pandemic.

ray of hope

But the number of intensive care patients fell for the second consecutive day: 62 fewer, bringing the total to 7,004

“It’s a pale ray of sunshine,” said Solomon. “But this shy light is very important for all medical personnel. “

He said the “curve” could flatten into a “plateau”, perhaps showing that France’s lockdown, in place since March 17, could help slow the spread of the epidemic.

“Over the past few days, we have started to see the first effects of the isolation,” said Solomon, adding that expanding the measures is crucial.

French President Emmanuel Macron is due to address the nation on Monday to announce an extension of the containment measures beyond the current date of April 15.



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