A decade of job growth comes to an end, canceled out by a pandemic


She received her last payment on Thursday and attempted to apply for unemployment benefits this week, only to see the website crashing on each attempt. Bunting abandoned her apartment in New York City when the show’s tour began a year and a half ago and is locked up in a rental location in northern New York State.

“I have saved very aggressively, so I feel comfortable,” she said. “I have yet to tap into the savings. But the longer it lasts, I certainly will. “

The series was canceled in early May, but Bunting hopes the curtain will rise soon after.

“Sure, I want to go back to work as soon as possible, but if people need to stay longer to flatten the curve, then I totally understand,” she said.

Megan-Claire Chase, who learned last week that Friday would be her last day as a marketing project manager at EmployBridge, an Atlanta-based national recruitment agency, is worried about losing a job.

“I was laid off during the 2008 recession,” she said, “so it’s a nightmare.”

For Ms. Chase, 43, the loss is more disturbing now.


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