“A chance to fight”: Barrie, Ont., Man with coronavirus recovers after receiving assistance


A 41-year-old man from Barrie, Ontario, who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, is recovering at home after receiving respiratory support at a local hospital.

René Segura started to suffer from shortness of breath on March 18, but he didn’t think it was the new coronavirus at first.

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“On March 10, he had very mild, persistent but mild headaches, and he had sleep problems,” René’s wife Tracy Segura told Wednesday.

“We were not thinking of COVID at this stage. “

Tracy encouraged René to stay home, which he did, but by March 18, his condition had taken a brutal turn and he was having trouble breathing. The next morning, he got up early and went to an assessment center, where he had his blood pressure and heart rate checked.

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Finally, he was told that he had a cold and that he should go home, according to Tracy.

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“I was worried,” Tracy told Global News. The next morning, March 20, the two went to the Royal Victoria Regional Health Center (RVH), although Tracy was not allowed to pass the lobby.

I just had to tear myself away from him, and it took me so long not to go with him, “she said. ”

“It was the first time in 18 years that I had been away from him for so long. We work together, we live together, we do everything together – being outside of it has been the most difficult thing. “

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After René entered the hospital, he was given a breathing mask, said Tracy. It was also buffered and placed in a room, where it was connected to a fan.

“They ended up calling us and telling us that before it got worse, they had to do an emergency intubation. They want to intubate him now and put him on life support, “said Tracy.

“Fortunately, they removed it and it has been recovering ever since. “

Staying connected to loved ones is “crucial” during physical remoteness, self-isolation

Staying connected to loved ones is “crucial” during physical remoteness, self-isolation

When René discovered his positive diagnosis of COVID-19, it was after he woke up from sedation.

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“I saw him on the news,” said René. “I don’t mean to say that I was afraid, but I knew it enough to know that it would attack older people more …”

René and Tracy have not traveled recently and do not know how René acquired the virus. He also has no pre-existing health problems.

“The word COVID scared me,” said Tracy, adding that the doctor reassured her that René is young and has no underlying health issues.

“He said, ‘All I can tell you is keep these things,'” added Tracy. “He has a chance to fight because he is young and healthy. “”

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René returned home Tuesday and his period of self-isolation ends Friday.

“My whole family has tested negative … so at this point, we’re ready to go,” said Tracy.

“Even if isolation is at stake for us, I want to remain discreet at the moment. I don’t really want to go out because I don’t want to bring anything else into our house. “

The couple own a local cafe, Creative Bean, which has been closed for the time being. The mom and pop boutique is a combination of the dreams of René and Tracy.

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“I’m the creator and he’s the bean,” said Tracey.

Pets play an important role during the COVID-19 pandemic

Pets play an important role during the COVID-19 pandemic

Although their store is closed, there are expenses to pay, but according to Tracy, she and René are not eligible for the government grants that have been offered.

“The 75% wage subsidy they have … it doesn’t mean anything to me,” said Tracy.

“We don’t have pay, so what does that do for me?” Then the $ 40,000 loan – well, first of all, repayment would be difficult. Second, you must have about $ 50,000 in payroll in 2019 to be eligible. “

In the meantime, Tracy has said that she hopes René will fully recover and take over management of the cafe.

“Stay positive through it all,” said René. “We are going through a scary time in our lives, but we have to stay positive. “

At Simcoe Muskoka, 62 new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed, including four deaths. On Wednesday evening, Ontario reported 2,392 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

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