98-year-old great grandfather “fully recovered” from coronavirus after doctors said “he would not survive the night”


A 10-year-old, 98-year-old great-grandfather is back home after a “complete recovery” from the coronavirus, which doctors say would kill him.

World War II hero Jack Bowden of Bolton was diagnosed with terrifying coronavirus two weeks ago after being admitted to the Royal Bolton Hospital.

The result shocked the Bowden family because the beloved father of four “showed no typical flu symptoms” and was instead taken to hospital with a suspected water infection.

After responding quickly to treatment, the doctors believed Mr. Bowden was better and released him to his nursing home at Ivy Bank Road on March 20 to remain in segregation while taking his prescribed medication.

But the family’s worst fears regarding Mr. Bowden’s diagnosis of coronavirus were realized when five days later he was on the verge of death, unable to breathe.

Bowden was again admitted to the Royal Bolton Hospital – NHS staff told his family that he would not survive the night.

Jack Bowden during his years at the Royal Navy Medical School

Mr. Bowden’s youngest child, Mark, described the terrifying message he received from the service: “The chest infection with which he left the hospital worsened over the weekend.

“Wednesday March 25, he couldn’t breathe. It was scary.

“When I called the service, the administrator told me, ‘Your father’s condition is that he won’t survive the night.’ “

Mr. Bowden is a former pharmacist and helped create penicillin for the Second World War effort at the Royal Navy Medical School in Clevedon.

Mark said, “We felt so much emotion. He was absolutely stunned, it took his breath away.

Jack Bowden, 98, with his youngest son Mark

“I went to bed that night thinking‘ if he dies, if he leaves us tonight, he went out in a flame of glory – what an incredible story he told.

“But my brother told me he couldn’t sleep because he was thinking about wills and lawyers to use. “

Miraculously, Mr. Bowden went through the night.

Mark told Mr. E.N.: “At noon, we spoke to the consultants who said my father was there.

“He was given IV antibiotics and the doctor told me that he was treating my father for a coronavirus.

“I just told the doctors to try everything they needed. “

More than a week later, doctors determined that the cure had been successful – the Covid-19 treatment taking him from the brink of death to a new form of combat, his family said relieved.

This morning, Friday, April 3, Mr. Bowden was brought back to his nursing home with a course of oral antibiotics and is “back to the Jack that everyone remembers.”

Mark said, “He was released this morning, he’s just missing his bottom teeth and left one of his hearing aids in the hospital.

“He’s complaining about it, but it’s a small price to pay, I’ll get it back. “

“Now he’s sitting in his favorite chair, watching TV the way he normally does, and he’s fully recovered.

“The house staff say it’s the Jack Bowden they all remember. “

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